Merry Christmas everybody – I’m done with 2022

It’s been a helluva year in the news: the world coming out of Covid, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the threat of nuclear war, Partygate, Boris’s resignation, Liz Truss, then the death of HM the Queen and, with Rishi Sunak – despite all the strikes and the cost of living crisis – what felt like a bit of much needed calm. And although I write about froth-lipped, ultra-violent Viking berserkers, I like calm. Bring on the calm, please!

Merry Christmas to all my readers – I’m now figuratively bringing home the Yule log

Because it has been almost as hectic this year at the old Donald homestead: I published two novels, started work on another secret project in the summer (nothing too exciting, just a new histfic series), tried unsuccessfully to get some TV folk interested in one of my books, and wrote most of the first draft of King of the North (Fire Born 4). Not a bad tally for a writer in a single twelvemonth. But now I’m utterly exhausted and drained of words, so I’m knocking off and putting my feet up for a couple of weeks.

In case you missed it, The Saxon Wolf (Fire Born 2) came out in January then, quick as a flash in publishing terms, The Loki Sword (Fire Born 3) came out in August. Smart work by my excellent publisher Canelo. If you haven’t read any of my Fire Born novels, and like action-driven Viking yarns, you had better start with The Last Berserker (Fire Born 1). And, by the way, the new one King of the North (FB4) will be out next summer, probably in August. Also, FYI, there will be at least two Fire Born novels more after that.

To be honest, I can’t be bothered to write any more tonight. I’m knackered. A large G&T is calling me from the house, and I must go and answer. I just want to say a big berserker-y thank-you to all my readers, and particularly those who bought my books this year and who left nice reviews on Amazon or elsewhere. Without your support I’d be . . . probably doing something completely different with my life.

Merry Christmas to you all – and I wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year!

If you want to buy me a well-earned Christmas drink, you can make a small contribution on my Ko-fi page
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Nick Brett
Nick Brett
3 months ago

Have a great Christmas, thank you for (in addition to the books) for some really interesting blogs.

2 months ago

What Nick said.. :o)

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