The Loki Sword – coming to a bookshop near you!

I got a box of books in the post today (below) from my publisher, which reminded me that The Loki Sword (Fire Born 3) is about to hit the shops. As its name implies, this is the third instalment of my Viking series starring Bjarki and Tor. I’m not going to go on about it much – but this book is an absolute banger!

Briefly, Bjarki and Tor embark on a dangerous quest to find a legendary blade that was once owned by the Norse trickster god. It’s a bloody, brutal novel and pretty darned brilliant, though I say so myself. But don’t take my word for it: you can order your very own copy of The Loki Sword (Fire Born 3) here.

You can read the novel as a stand-alone but it might be better if you have already read The Last Berserker (Fire Born 1) and The Saxon Wolf (Fire Born 2). And there will be three more in the Fire Born series (I’ve just signed a contract with my publisher) in due course. So there will be six in total and maybe more for you to enjoy. Anyway, that’s enough news for now: have a great weekend! I’m off for a G&T.

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colin copier
colin copier
1 year ago

Great news!

Do you know when it’ll hit Audiobook format?

No doubt enjoyed with a glass of Mead in the garden.