The future of the Fire Born series – three more Viking adventures?

Now that The Loki Sword, the third volume in my Fire Born series, is (almost) ready to be published, it is time to think of the future. Should I do continue the adventures of Bjarki and Tor in another three books? A trilogy is all well and good, and I have had a lot of enthusiasm from readers over the past 15 months, since The Last Berserker (below) came out, but is there an appetite for more of these novels?

I think so. But I would like to hear what my readers think, too. Please feel free to use the Contact tab on this site to share your opinion. Also, if you have read either The Last Berserker or The Saxon Wolf (The Loki Sword doesn’t come out till August) please leave a review on Amazon or any other book site. It really helps to spread the word. And perhaps convince my publishers to commission some more in the series.

I’ve been noodling ideas about possible future books, and I thought I would share my ideas with you here. Feedback would be great! These ideas for plot and titles are not set in stone – and may well change if I go ahead with this project – but this is what I’m thinking now . . .

Fire Born 4

King of the North (Fire Born 4) would be set mostly in Svealand (Sweden) and would be about the legendary battle of Brevillir, which took place in the late 8th century. I’ve written a little “proto-blurb” to give you an idea of the plot:

Harald Wartooth, lord of Sjaelland, has deposed his uncle King Siegfried of the Dane-Mark and claims sovereignty not only over the Danish kingdom but, through his mother’s blood, the throne of Svealand, too. He is calling all the greatest warriors of the North to his banner promising riches and glory to any who will fight for him.

Svealand too has a new king, the ambitious and youthful Sigurd Hring, who is raising an army to halt the march of Harald Wartooth who menaces his lands from the south.

Bjarki Bloodhand, a renowned Danish warrior and fabled berserkr, has been persuaded to join the ranks of Harald Wartooth’s army by an old friend, the beautiful Edith, sister of the Saxon rebel Widukind of Westphalia. But not all his companions are as palatable. Harald Wartooth has formed a band of elite warriors and Bjarki is not the only Fire Born in their ranks: Fidor and Fodor, a pair of savage twins who have the Wolf gandr in their hearts, will also fight alongside him. But can they be trusted? And can Bjarki overlook the atrocities they commit in the name of war?

Meanwhile, Tor Hildarsdottir, Bjarki’s half-sister, has been made captain of the hird (bodyguard) of Jarl Starki of Norrland, King Sigurd of Svealand’s right hand man. 

As war looms, Tor will be forced to fight for her lord against the Danes, and might face her brother on the other side of the shield wall in the storm of battle. Must she kill her closest kin? Or must she flee the field and be for ever known as a coward?

Fire Born 5 and 6

The plots of these two are more vague. Basically, in book 5, Fury of the Northmen, Bjarki and Tor go to England and fight for the King of Mercia, Offa (the man who built the famous dyke). Their enemies are the ferocious Welsh tribes who live to the west of Offa’s realm. In book 6, Banner of the Bear, Bjarki and Tor will return to Denmark, and become embroiled in the Saxon Wars once again. The end of the book will deal with the Battle of Suntel Hills (AD782), which was a great Saxon victory over the Franks.

Anyway, I don’t want to give too much away of the plots. But do feel free tell me what you think of the ideas! And remember, The Loki Sword (Fire Born 3) is heading your way in August. You can pre-order it here. And you can get a copy or eBook of The Last Berserker here, and The Saxon Wolf here.

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Alan Robert Burns
Alan Robert Burns
2 years ago

Wow Angus books 5 and 6 which is great news I was only expecting a trilogy . Really looking forward to The Loki Sword , you keep writing and I’ll keep reading Thankyou .

Dave King
Dave King
1 year ago

Just finished the Loki Sword. Can’t wait for more of this saga. Easily as good as the Robin Hood novels.

Carl Rogers
Carl Rogers
1 year ago

Come on Angus, get those fingers typing and let’s have book 4 asap.