The Outlaw Chronicles – in chronological order

Some people have been asking me about the order of the Robin Hood and Alan Dale novels and ebook short stories, and where the Caliph’s Gold and Castle of Bones (my latest) fit into the timeline. So here’s the definitive list!

1180 The Rise of Robin Hood

This short story, only available as an ebook, is about Robin Hood and Little John struggling as novice outlaws in Sherwood Forest.

the Rise of Robin Hood - Angus Donald

1188 Outlaw

The novel that kicked off the whole series. Alan Dale is caught stealing a pie and, fleeing from the law, joins Robin Hood’s notorious gang in Sherwood.

Outlaw - Angus Donald

1190 Holy Warrior

In this novel, Robin Hood and Alan Dale embark on the Third Crusade with Richard the Lionheart. But is one of Robin’s men trying to murder him?

Holy Warrior - Angus Donald

July 1191 The Hostility of Hanno

An ebook short story about how Alan Dale and Hanno, the Bavarian man-at-arms, meet while recovering from battle wounds in a hospital in Acre.

The Hostility of Hanno - Angus Donald

October 1191 Robin Hood and the Caliph’s Gold

Full-length novel available as paperback and ebook: Robin Hood plans an audacious heist in the Mediterranean on the way home from Third Crusade.

May 1192 Robin Hood and the Castle of Bones

Novel available as an eBook and paperback: The Sherwood gang find themselves in Burgundy on the way home from the Third Crusade.

September 1192 The Betrayal of Father Tuck

An ebook short story: Marie-Anne, Countess of Locksley, is besieged by the evil sheriff of Nottinghamshire Sir Ralph Murdac at Kirkton Castle.

The betrayal of Father Tuck - Angus Donald

September 1192 King’s Man

A novel in which Alan Dale goes to Germany to rescue Richard the Lionheart, who has been captured on the way home from the Crusade.

King's Man - Angus Donald

1194 Warlord

Alan Dale is attempting in this novel to find the man who ordered his father’s death, while the war against the French king rages in Normandy.

Warlord - Angus Donald

1200 Grail Knight

In this full-length novel, Robin Hood and Alan Dale journey to the far south of France in search of the fabled Cup of Christ.

Grail Knight - Angus Donald

1203 The Iron Castle

Novel: Robin Hood and Alan Dale must defend Europe’s strongest castle, Chateau Gaillard, against the might of the French monarch Philip Augustus.

Iron Castle - Angus Donald

1215 The King’s Assassin

Full-length novel: Robin Hood and his loyal knight Sir Alan Dale must bring King John to the table at Runnymede, and force him to accept Magna Carta.

The King's Assassin - Angus Donald

1216 The Death of Robin Hood

Can Robin Hood pull off his greatest trick of all and cheat the Grim Reaper in this last, and quite possibly best, novel of the series?

The Death of Robin Hood - Angus Donald

The answer to the question posed above about Robin Hood’s mortality is, obviously, no. The clue is in the name of the final book. But that doesn’t have to be the end for our two heroes. If the sales of Castle of Bones are decent – ie enough to make several months of work and the cost of designing a cover worthwhile – I might just write another two Outlaw Chronicles. These would take place during the Albigensian Crusade and would sit in the series between The Iron Castle and The King’s Assassin. No promises, mind. But if the people all vote for more with their wallets . . .

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Leonard Csplan
Leonard Csplan
2 years ago

Wow! I thought I had them all and only have three! Time to fill in the gap’s! Thanks for posting.

Andy Blackmore
Andy Blackmore
2 years ago

Please carry on writing these fab novels, I am mid Caliphs Gold, and frankly more of the same is wonderful news.

Gerald Proctor
Gerald Proctor
2 years ago

Thoroughly enjoying the Hood series and looking forward to the next Blood book

Rita Petric
Rita Petric
2 years ago

I need to secure the last 3 books.

Rita Petric
Rita Petric
2 years ago

I need to secure the last 3 books.

James Finkelstein
1 year ago

I would love to know if you read the Hornblower books when you were growing up, as I did, or Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe and/or The Last Kingdom series over the last 40 years. I’m also curious to know if you have ever had any conversations with Mr. Cornwell. I have treasured every experience I’ve had reading your respective outstanding works of historical fiction

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