The Saxon Wolf hits the shelves

The second volume of my Fire Born series is published today! I’ve blogged about it quite a lot already so I won’t bang on too much, except to say that it is a dark, violent tale of berserkers and battle set (mostly) in 8th-century Saxony. Charlemagne is trying to annex the pagan lands of the Saxons and the might of the Frankish legions is being most fiercely resisted by one man – Widukind of Westphalia, aka The Saxon Wolf. Aiding him in his struggle are Bjarki Bloodhand – a berserker or “Fire Born” warrior, and his sister Tor Hildarsdottir, a fearless shield maiden.

It grab a copy of The Saxon Wolf from Amazon (though it is also available in all good bookshops) click here

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1 year ago

I have just finished reading “The Saxon Wolf” and once again the writing is excellent! I’m not usually into blood and gore but it is well balanced with the humanity of the characters and the great descriptions of the people and places. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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