The Broken Kingdom – Episode Five: Arthur’s Battle is out now!

I have just published the fifth and final episode of my new Arthurian fantasy novel, The Broken Kingdom. It is called Episode Five: Arthur’s Battle and it wraps up all the action in the first epic book of the Wormkind Chronicles. Each of the five episodes is only 99p and, for the moment, is only available in the eBook format (Kindle only). Anyway . . . another novel of mine exists on the world, so – Hooray!

What is Episode Five: Arthur’s Battle about, you ask? Um, well mainly it’s about a great, bloody battle that takes place somewhere near modern-day Tewksbury. Arthur and his allies are facing the full might of the North – and, well, I don’t want to give away any spoilers. If you haven’t read any of the book so far, start with Episode One: Arthur’s Bane. Broadly speaking, this is an Arthurian low fantasy novel set in post-Roman Britain, in which Arthur is a young warrior and illegitimate son of Uthur the Pendragon. Merlin plays a part, as does Nimue (aka The Soothsayer) and there are dragons and various monsters.

I am planning, perhaps at some point later this year, to bundle the whole five episodes together and publish them all as an actual paperback, and also as an “All Episodes” eBook novel. But I’m not sure when. I have a lot of other things on my plate right now – Mongols, Vikings and more Robin Hoods. And I’m not sure how much people are enjoying this story. I’m sensing a lack of interest in Arthur. If you do want me to publish the whole thing, let me know. And a review or two on Amazon would be very nice.

The Broken KingdomEpisode Five: Arthur’s Battle is available from Amazon as an eBook, just 99p!

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Nick Brett
Nick Brett
20 days ago

I like the series but not reading it in parts. I parked it after #3 but now it has all dropped will catch up.

Nick Brett
Nick Brett
20 days ago
Reply to  admin

Because I like to read at my pace and not have to wait! Plus, I read a lot so, between each chapter drop, I’ve probably read 12 books so it interrupts the flow of the story.
But, as I said it’s a good story and I’ve enjoyed the “almost” fantasy elements.

18 days ago

I feel the same as Nick. In fact I haven’t read any of the viking books as I’m waiting for the last book to come out (although I have purchased them all). I used to read series books as and when they came out but that meant by the time the next book came out I’d either forgotten half the story or need to reread the previous book but I have too many other books to read to do that!

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