The good gangster, an autistic artilleryman and the berserker from Bali: interview with Angus Donald

Fellow novelist Baptiste Pinson Wu interviewed me on his YouTube channel this week. We discussed my bizarre international upbringing, my former life as a foreign correspondent and my historical fiction career.

Baptiste – a charming, super-intelligent fellow, who tells me that he can write a book in just three weeks – is the author of the seriously impressive Chinese historical novel Yellow Sky Revolt (above), which I am in the middle of reading. So far, it is absolutely brilliant, the story of a peasant boy who joins a rebellion in 2nd-century China and rises to become one of the most powerful men in the Middle Kingdom during the Han Dynasty. I am totally gripped by the novel, very impressed with his skills – and just a tiny bit jealous.

And Baptiste was kind enough to interview me the other day and allow me to talk about my own life, travels and work (for far too long, my wife tells me). If you have a bit of time to spare, you can watch me by clicking on the link below. It’s about an hour and ten minutes long, but I have been told it seems to last an awful lot longer than that. (Thanks, darling!) Anyway, check it out. Just stop if you get too bored.

Here is the link.

The Last Berserker (Fire Born 1) is available from Amazon; as is Blood’s Game, the first book in the Holcroft Blood trilogy. The Outlaw Chronicles (a 10-book series) kicks off with Outlaw, link here.

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