The audiobook of The Saxon Wolf (Fire Born 2) is out now!

This is just a quick blog to tell you that the Audible audiobook of the my second Viking adventure novel is now ready to download from Amazon, and other retailers.

The Saxon Wolf (Fire Born 2) continues the story of Bjarki and Tor as they join in the struggle to evict the Christian Franks from the Saxon heartlands. Narrated by the brilliant Ade Dimberline (below), who did such a brilliant job on The Last Berserker, it features the historical character Widukind, Duke of Saxony, who led the long resistance against Charlemagne. I’ve blogged so much about this guy that if you want to know more just have a quick look down the blog list – but, in short, I think he’s fascinating. Anyway, enjoy!

If you would like to download The Saxon Wolf, click here. It’s free with the Audible trial package. For the audiobook of The Last Berserker, click here

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