New cover for Blood’s Revolution

This is just a quick blog to tell you a couple of news items about Blood’s Revolution, second book in my new-ish Holcroft Blood series. The first item is that the paperback, which comes out on November 14, has been given a terrific new cover, pictured below.

I think it’s brilliant, I love the cannon firing at the bottom of the pic. And Revolution unlike, Blood’s Game (book 1, which tales place entirely in 17th-century London) includes a section about a famous battle: Sedgemoor, which ended the disastrous rebellion of the Duke of Monmouth. Holcroft plays a central part, with his beloved artillery, in defeating the illegitimate but crucially protestant Duke.

If you like battles (I do! Well, not being in them, but reading and writing about them. The only real battle I’ve ever been in was at Tora Bora in Afghanistan in December 2001, and that was terrifying) then you are really going to enjoy Blood’s Campaign, book 3 in the series, which is pretty much wall-to-wall battles. Set in Ireland during the conflict between James II and William of Orange, it has the Battle of the Boyne as the centrepiece. Campaign comes out in hardback at the end of November.

The second piece of news is that Blood’s Revolution (book 2, the one pictured above, do keep up) is now on offer on Amazon. The Kindle version is only £1.19 – one hell of a bargain, I’d say. But it’s not going to stay at that price. The offer is only good till June 1. So click this link and fill your boots!

PS I realise that, as all three books have rather similar titles, there may be some confusion about the order they should be read it. It should be:

  1. Blood’s Game
  2. Blood’s Revolution
  3. Blood’s Campaign (not out till end November 2019)

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  1. Steve May 20, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    Blood’s campaign pre-ordered! :o)

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