Historical Times: Viking special

Sometimes the best things are right under your nose and you simply don’t notice them. Case in point Historical Times, a free interactive magazine for historical fiction fans. I have been vaguely aware of the mag for some time but I’d never really clocked it until they asked me to write a piece for their Viking special. So I penned a thousand words on berserkers, and finally had a look at the finished product yesterday. And boy is it terrific. An absolute histfic gem.

This edition is packed with great histfic writers (mostly) writing about Viking stuff. And apart from an essay by me on Berserkers – myths or just hidden in the mists of history – some of my favourite writers have contributed including Matthew Harffy, SJA Turney, Tim Hodkinson and Anne O’Brien and best of all, not only is it free to join but you can hang out there online and chat to the authors. I’m going to be there myself on Monday evening, between 5pm and 6pm, so if you want to ask me anything about The Last Berserker (below) or any of my other books, come along and say hello. If you cannot make Monday, I shall probably be along there at other times, too.

Sam Taw, the superb historical novelist who is the driving force behind Historical Times, has this to say about it:

“As authors of historical fiction, we wanted to provide a safe haven for people with similar interests to get together, discuss ideas and opinions and interact with others who share our vision. We aim to deliver a FREE interactive digital magazine every month, bursting with news, history, offers and articles from your favourite authors and experts in the field. We merry band of historical fiction authors invite you to our platform and we hope that you will join us in creating a friendly community for all to enjoy.”

The Historical Times: The Past in your Pocket – www.historicaltimes.org

So I hope you will check out this brilliant magazine and I look forward to seeing some of you on Monday (5-6pm).

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