Episode Three: Arthur’s Revenge is now ready to download

The third part of my episodic King Arthur fantasy novel – The Broken Kingdom – is available to read as an eBook from Amazon, and the cover looks like this . . .

If you are not familiar with this new project of mine, here is a quick recap. I’m trying a new way of producing novels as short (70 page/20,000 word) episodes. The Broken Kingdom will probably be five episodes long (though, no promises, as the storyline is becoming quite complicated) and the first three are now ready to be read. Episode Four will be out in a month or two, and Episode Five will come out in April, again, probably. Or perhaps May.

Why am I doing this? Good question: a lot of people don’t like the wait between the different parts of the novel. And the answer is a little bit difficult to explain. Basically it is all about my own psychology. I tend to write a novel, and then relax and have a bit of a break, have a few drinks, do some reading and laze around for a week or so. And then very slowly get back into gear to research and write the next one. I’m writing about two novels (or maybe one and a half) a year, and I know I can do more. I have some spare capacity. And, to be honest, as the cost of living crisis bites, I need to be making a bit more money, too.

So I came up with the episodes idea. I write a new section of the Arthur story every time I finish a big piece of work and before I start the next one. I write Arthur in the cracks between my many other projects. The episodes take about ten days to write and edit and publish – I already know, roughly, how the story will map out over three full-length novels, but I don’t know what will happen in each section. At the end of this summer I will find myself (fingers crossed) with a complete novel on my hands ready to publish – The Broken Kingdom – and I’ll hardly have noticed that I’m writing it. That’s the theory anyway.

It is a kind of experiment. I hope you will get behind it but if you don’t want to support me, that’s OK, too. There will be a final version of the novel, in paperback, and maybe even hardback, sometime later this year. But if you want something quick, and cheap – only 99p – and in a digital format to read. Why not give my gripping Arthur adventures a try? Episode One: Arthur’s Bane is available as an eBook . . .

And Episode Two: Arthur’s Escape is available as an Ebook from Amazon here.

And, as you now know, Episode Three: Arthur’s Revenge is now ready to read, too.

There will be another of my Viking Fire Born series novel – Blood of the Bear (Fire Born 5) – coming out this summer/autumn, and if you want to read a paperback copy of the most recent Bjarki Bloodhand and Tor Hildarsdottir Scandinavian adventure – King of the North (Fire Born 4) – you can pick up one here.

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