Cover reveal: Blood’s Campaign

I’ve been sent the cover of the third book in my 17th-century Holcroft Blood series – Blood’s Campaign. This is it . . .

I think the cover is rather splendid, to be honest. The book is pretty good, too, though I say so myself. It concerns Captain Holcroft Blood’s attempts to track down and kill a French spy in Ireland (they have a bit of history between them, to say the least) during the Williamite Wars (aka The War of Two Kings).

The centrepiece is the Battle of the Boyne (July 1690, see below), but the book is absolutely filled with action. There are big bloody fights at Carrickfergus, Cavan, the Boyne, Ballyneety, Cork and Kinsale.

Picture 238

The book comes out in hardback in late November – and would make a really good Christmas present for your brother, sister, dad, cousin or whomever. You can pre-order it here.


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