Come and say hello to me in Suffolk!

I’m going to what I think will be a really fun a Saxon & Viking Festival on 28/29 October at Stonham Barns Park in Suffolk. They doing a ceremonial Viking boat burning and have exhibitions in leatherwork, weaving, cookery, blacksmithing and other crafts. There will be storytelling and combat displays and all sort of other excellent early medieval stuff. I’m told that 14 different Saxon and Viking re-enactment groups from all over the UK are going to encamp there. And I’ll be selling signed copies of all my Fire Born books, including the new novel, King of the North (Fire Born 4), which comes out in late September.

I’m also happy to sign any of my other books, if you bring them along – Robin Hoods, Holcroft Bloods, whatever you have. So come to Suffolk this autumn and say hello. I should be under cover – it takes place at the end of October, so there may be weather. Dress accordingly. If you don’t know where Stonham Barns Park is, it is between Ipswich, Norwich and Cambridge. Here’s a map:

King of the North (Fire Born 4) will be published on September 28, 2023, but you can pre-order it from Amazon here. If you don’t know the series at all, start with The Last Berserker (Fire Born 1).

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Tony Estabrookp
8 months ago

Like the fact Angus you said there will be weather,I should hope so, more than likely it will be raining.
I will see if I can get over that way,bit of a trek from the Forrest of dean.