Robin Hood and the Castle of Bones

This is another addition to the Outlaw Chronicles series and is set in the summer of 1192 between the events of Robin Hood and the Caliph’s Gold and King’s Man . . .

On the way home from the Third Crusade, Robin Hood and his men become embroiled in the bloody politics of the two Burgundies 

Robert, Earl of Locksley, also known as the notorious outlaw Robin Hood, and his loyal lieutenant Alan Dale, find themselves in the wine-rich Duchy of Burgundy. When they are captured by a renegade knight, and taken across the River Saone to the rival County of Burgundy, they are plunged into a nightmarish world of treachery, deceit and cold-blooded murder. While the cunning Earl plots and schemes to advance King Richard’s cause in the region, Alan embarks on a private quest to rescue a damsel in distress and falls foul of the monstrous guardian of the Castle of Bones.

Praise for The Outlaw Chronicles:
“A glorious, gritty, violent, fast-moving re-creation of a legend!” – The Times (London)
“Joyous writing full of verve and control” – Conn Iggulden
“Excellent, well-researched and full of detail” – Ben Kane
“A master of adventure” – Robyn Young


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