The Saxon Wolf is just 99p – for a limited time

For the next few days, The Saxon Wolf (Fire Born 2), is on sale on Amazon for just 99p. That’s for the eBook. The paperback is a more sensible £5.49. I don’t set these crazy prices, and I don’t know how long it will be this cheap, but you should probably take advantage of this bargain – less than the cost of a coffee – while it lasts. Don’t worry, I still get a good slice of that 99p. It’s nearly Christmas, fill yer boots!

If you don’t know what this gripping Viking novel is about, this is the back-of-book blurb:

Conflict flares once more in Saxony…

March, AD 773. Bjarki Bloodhand is now Fire Born – a legendary berserker inhabited by the ferocious spirit of a bear in battle. Yet he has sworn never again to allow that sacred rage to possess him, lest he for ever lose himself in the madness like his father.

Tor Hildarsdottir yearns to save pagan Saxony from the grip of the Christian Franks, who now occupy half the region. But she also has serious problems closer to home with her fast-growing pet bear cub, Garm, and, worse, she seems to be falling in love.

Widukind, new lord of the Saxons, is on a mission to reconquer the lands of his fathers from the Franks. He will stop at nothing to win the hearts of the men and women of the North, and bind them to his cause. But will they follow the Saxon Wolf in an unwinnable war? And will Bjarki join them?

The epic second novel in the Fire Born saga, perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Giles Kristian, and Matthew Harffy.

Praise for The Saxon Wolf

‘Donald has spun another terrific yarn, skilfully interweaving heart-thumping action sequences with a compelling plot… his writing is original and completely convincing. The Saxon Wolf is another step forward and a step up in the Fire Born series. Compelling, disturbing, entertaining, this is a bloody riot from start to finish. In every good sense’ Theodore Brun, author of A Burning Sea

The Saxon Wolf (Fire Born 2) is available from for 99p Amazon and other good retailers.

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