The Broken Kingdom – Episode Two: Arthur’s Escape is ready to download!

The second episode in my new Arthurian fantasy novel – The Broken Kingdom – is now available to buy as an eBook from Amazon. This is the cover . . .

As I have explained in a previous blog, I am trying something new with this story. I’m releasing the novel as short episodes of 20,000 words each (or 70 pages). They are eBook only for the time being (I may produce a paperback and audio book at a later date), are very cheap – just 99p in the UK – and I’ll be producing a new episode every month or so. The next one, Ep3: Arthur’s Revenge, is out in January.

The story is set in a war-torn, post-Roman Britain in which the various British kingdoms (Dumnonia, Kernow, Gwent, Rheged, etc) are more or less constantly at odds with each other and at the same time the Anglo-Saxons (called Estronwyr in these books) are invading from the east in small boats because the climate is changing and their lands are becoming flooded. On top of that, a terrifying dragon has been awoken by an evil sorceress and threatens to destroy the whole of Mankind. Lots of fighting, a bit of magic, and a new interpretation of Merlin as a kind of sorcerer-blacksmith. It’s gonna be great fun!

If you haven’t read the first episode – Arthur’s Bane – you can buy that here. And Episode Two: Arthur’s Escape is available here. And The Broken KingdomEpisode Three: Arthur’s Revenge will be out in January (when I’ve written it!) Let me know what you think of this idea, and the story, in the comments.

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