One book, book for sale, it’s going cheap…

OK, I know not all of you are fans of the musical Oliver! but you get the idea. I have a lot of stock cluttering up my office today because I was supposed to go to a Saxon & Viking festival in Suffolk at Stonham Barns Park this weekend and bought several boxes of books to sell. Unfortunately, due to Storm Babet, the show ground is flooded and the gig has been cancelled. So who wants to buy one?

I usually charge a bit more but to clear some space I’m going to knock these out at £15 each (including P&P – but only to people in the UK*). I’ll sign them, add any message you like and send them to you pronto by good old Royal Mail, and you can pay me by PayPal or some other convenient method. Should be with you in a matter of mere days**. Oh, and I know it is still October, but I’m told they make excellent and very good value Christmas presents or stocking-fillers when inscribed by me in a suitably festive fashion to a beloved friend, older child or relative. Tell me what you want me to write for them inside.

Get in touch via the Contact form above – it has been having a few problems recently and I have just switched to a new version, which I think is now working perfectly. If it doesn’t work, get to me through Twitter DMs or leave me a message on Facebook. If that doesn’t work, try to leave a message below on this page. We’ll get there somehow . . .

Of course if you don’t want to spend £15 on an incredibly special hand-signed fantastic copy from me, you can always get an unsigned humdrum one from Amazon for a lot less. King of the North (Fire Born 4) is available in paperback for just £7.85 here. And the eBook is a measly £2.99. The ebook of The Last Berserker (Fire Born 1) is even cheaper at £1.99. Perfect for the motherless boy for sale in all of us!

*The postal rates to send stuff out of the UK are prohibitively expensive. Apologies to all my non-British readers but I can’t oblige you on this particular deal. I would have to charge a great deal – which readers don’t like – and sometimes when I’m trying to be nice I even lose money on the deal, which is not the thing at all. In the USA, try, if you are Down Under try Sorry!

**Might take a week. Can’t make any promises other than I will post it as soon as we make our deal.

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