Book sale at Tonbridge Castle on Sunday

I’ve got a pitch at the Artisanal Market at Tonbridge Castle this Sunday (July 25th) as a local author and I’ll be flogging some of my backlist hardbacks, Outlaw stuff and Blood books, and signing them, if you like. I’ll also be selling copies of my new epic Viking saga, The Last Berserker. Come along to this fascinating medieval ruin between 10am and 2pm. Might rain but I’m going to be sitting inside one of the castle’s cosy offices (I really, really hope).

The Last Berserker is available from Amazon as a paperback or eBook

The other bit of news I have is that, after some weeks of being out of stock, the paperback version of The Last Berserker is now FINALLY available again on Amazon. It has been frustrating for some, I know, not being able to get hold of a copy of my latest opus. (It’s been really frustrating for me that I can sell it, tbh!) But they are back in stock now, and still at the ridiculously low, low price of £2 per copy. I won’t be selling them for that pittance at Tonbridge Castle but, hey, I have to get up really early on a Sunday morning to do this. So come on down and say hello anyway!

The Berserker audio book is out in all sorts of other places (Apple, Google etc) but not on Amazon – I don’t know what is going on with Jeff Bezos’s guys, and neither does my publisher, but I suspect it may be to do with Covid-19. Maybe his guys have all been pinged and told to self-isolate, dunno. Maybe it’s because they know the Big Guy has been preoccupied with his little space jaunt, so they all slacked off. Anyway, I will update about the audio stuff anon.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

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