The Broken Kingdom

The Broken Kingdom – a new way of telling an ancient story

Episode One: Arthur’s Bane is the first part of The Broken Kingdom, the first novel in the Wormkind Chronicles, which is an epic fantasy series about the legendary British hero Arthur.

The story ranges across a version of post-Roman Britain in which the various British Kingdoms are almost constantly at war with each other. Meanwhile, desperate Saxon refugees are flooding into Britain from across the seas, driven from their homes by rising sea levels, and worse, the dragon Cythraul, the epitome of evil, has been awoken from its long slumbers and threatens to extinguish all human life . . .

The Wormkind Chronicles will all be delivered in episodic form, with a new episode dropping every few months. The first novel The Broken Kingdom will contain five episodes, each of about 20,000 words, or 70 pages. The Wormkind Chronicles is expected to be a trilogy.

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