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As you may have noticed, my books are often on sale on Amazon for just 99p. I only get a fraction of this price for each sale, and since – as we all know – times are very hard, I have set up an account on Ko-fi, to allow my more generous readers to make a small contribution over and above the price of any book they buy. I have to admit I am struggling a bit financially at the moment, and I think it’s going to get a helluva lot worse very soon, which is why I am asking for your help today to keep the lights on at Donald HQ.

I am suggesting a £5 contribution – think of it as buying me a pint – but any amount you choose to give would be really appreciated. If have enjoyed my books over the years, or you have enjoyed reading my blogs, and you can afford it, please think of making a donation. The Ko-fi site accepts PayPal, Apple Pay and credit cards, and if you are really feeling generous you can make a small donation monthly, too. If you can’t spare it, that’s OK too. I hope you still enjoy the books. This is the link: ko-fi.com/angusdonald

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