Outlaw Club

The Outlaw Club is an exclusive international association of Merry Men and Women who are fans of the Outlaw Chronicles (Below: Club President-for-Life Angus Donald in his garden in Kent)

Club toasts and mottos

“God’s great bulging ballsack”



Tidbits, tattletale and tempting offers to appear here:

Breaking news: I’ve set up a FaceBook page exclusively for members of the club. Here’s the link

Benefits of membership

There will be giveaways, competitions and unique prizes (mostly free, signed Outlaw Chronicles books, including in due course as-yet-unwritten novels). I will also soon be giving away bits of Outlaw Chronicles merchandise such as mugs, T-shirts, bookmarks and so on, once I’ve had them made up.

Quarterly newsletter: information about the progress of future Outlaw Chronicles and other works by me of interest to my fans – for example, my forthcoming Viking series, The Last Berserker. I will send out email bulletins on the first days of September, December, March and June every year.

Discounted books from my backlist, including the Holcroft Blood novels. I will dispatch signed copies of my books to members anywhere in the world at cost price, plus only £5 for my time and effort.

Annual club drinks

Free entry to the party, but you have to buy your own beers. Probably at a pub in London around Christmas time, although I would really like to host an event in Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem under the Castle in Nottingham one year. And maybe in other parts of the world, too. Suggestions welcome.


Annual membership: £5

Life membership: £15

To join

Make a payment of £5 (annual membership) and £15 (life membership) to me via PayPal. My PayPal email address is angus@angusdonaldbooks.com

Use to contact form on this website to send me your name and email address and I will add you to the Outlaw roster

Last word

Members should use the letters OC (for Outlaw Club) after their name when contacting me, so I know you’re a true Outlaw

If you have any thoughts about how we can improve the Outlaw Club, let me know. I want this to be fun for everyone involved.