Three more Robin Hood novels?

I was having a long, boozy lunch with my Last Berserker publishers a couple of weeks ago – yeah, I know, it’s a tough gig this authoring game – and the subject of my bestselling Robin Hood books came up and someone suggested that I might like to write some more. (OK, it was me who suggested it). We kicked around the idea for a while, and there was some concern voiced (OK, also from me) that that series might be played out . . .

As you probably know, I have written and self-published two more Robin Hood novels after The Death of Robin Hood (below) and they have done pretty well. Between them Robin Hood and the Caliph’s Gold and Robin Hood and the Castle of Bones have sold a lot of copies – not as many as the original books but a decent return for my labours. But the question is do you, the readers, want me to write some more of them?

The Death of Robin Hood - Angus Donald

They would not be self-published – I would get my new publisher to do it (probably). And this would mean that the cover would be a better quality and there would be fewer typos in the text. Properly edited, too. Actually, it would be a better product all round. I thought I might write a trilogy of books from Robin’s perspective, rather than from Alan Dale’s. Which would give them a certain freshness. But they would still fit in the Outlaw Chronicles “universe” taking place between Grail Knight and The Iron Castle, where there is a gap of some years. The question is – should I do this?

I’m very happy with the Fire Born series. The Last Berserker is going great guns and has been No1 several times in various Amazon categories. People seem to like it. And The Saxon Wolf (Fire Born 2) – below – is coming out in January 2022. I have high hopes of that. I’m writing Fire Born 3 at the moment (working title: The Loki Sword) and that should be published in August 2022. But I’ll have finished that early in the new year – so what to write next?

I have another project – a secret one, sorry, I must remain schtum about this for the time being – and I’m probably going to write some more Fire Born novels too. But should I return to Robin Hood? Or have we all had quite enough of that cruel bastard after ten novels? Please let me know, in the comments section. I would really like to hear what you think. OK, that all for now. Angus out!

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