Paperback and eBook of The Caliph’s Gold now available

Both formats of my new novel “Robin Hood and the Caliph’s Gold” (the ninth instalment of the bestselling Outlaw Chronicles) are now for sale via your local Amazon website. So . . . hooray! At last it has arrived!

My new Robin Hood novel

To tell you more about the book, this is the marketing-blurb on the back of the paperback:

Autumn 1191
Robert, Earl of Locksley, also known as the notorious outlaw Robin Hood, and his loyal lieutenant Alan Dale, are returning home fresh from a victory in the Third Crusade.

They decide to travel via the Mediterranean sea-route, despite the dangers of the imminent storm season. Disaster strikes and Robin and his men are shipwrecked on the rocky coast of Crete.

They must persuade a cruel tyrant to help them, outwit pirate chieftains, and outfight a Moorish army to gain a glittering prize and carry it home to England – the Caliph’s Gold.

Irritatingly, the two formats of the book are not yet linked to each other by Amazon (which does things at its own steady pace). And there are bound to be some teething problems with the text. But it has been published at last and the paperback version is now available here:

And the eBook is available here:

I really hope you enjoy the book, in whatever format you choose. And if you do, it would be incredibly helpful if you could leave a review on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be very long, or very literate. Just say that you liked the book and, if possible, why. It makes a great deal of difference to sales of the book.

Many thanks in advance and hope you like my new Robin Hood adventure.

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