Beeston Library: talk about my new Robin Hood novel

I’m heading to Nottinghamshire, Robin Hood country, to take part in an exciting event at Beeston Library: a History and Imagination Readers’ Day on Saturday, March 28. And I really hope you can join me on the day to hear me talk about my new adventure novel, Robin Hood and the Caliph’s Gold.

Depending on how closely you follow my triumphs and travails, you may or may not know that I have written a series about a gangster-ish 12th-century Robin Hood and his loyal lieutenant Alan Dale, and that the successful eight-book series came to an end in 2016 with The Death of Robin Hood.

The Death of Robin Hood - Angus Donald

Since then I have written a fantasy novel under a pseudonym (Angus Macallan: Gates of Stone) and three books about a slightly autistic 17th-century artillery officer called Holcroft Blood. Then, last year, I asked my readers on Facebook what they would like me to write next. And the overwhelming answer was “More Robin Hood books, please!”

So I wrote Robin Hood and the Caliph’s Gold and since I had parted company (amicably) with my previous publisher, I decided to publish it myself. The book should be available on Amazon in a couple of weeks, say early March, as an ebook and paperback. I am still struggling with the technology and sorting out the cover, etc. But I’m very slowly getting there.

I will be talking at Beeston about the part imagination plays in writing historical fiction, among other things, and I will also be selling paperback copies of The Caliph’s Gold. I am also happy to sign any of your copies of my books that you bring along. Anyway I hope very much to see you there on Saturday March 28.

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  1. Sardev Singh March 3, 2020 at 3:26 pm

    Hi Angus, I am a Nottingham resident and avid reader of your Robin Hood series.

    Can you pls provide more details of timings of this Beeston event as I would very much like to attend.


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