1,000 reviews for The Last Berserker

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet (OK, let’s just all politely pretend that’s true) but my first Viking novel The Last Berserker (Fire Born 1) has just passed the 1,000 rating mark on Amazon. None of my books, not even some of the bestselling Outlaw novels, have ever had this many reviews. And even though Amazon have recently changed the rules to make it easy to leave just a star rating rather than a full, written review, I think I can declare this yarn a howling success!

Trumpet-blowing aside, this is good news for the next book in the series, The Saxon Wolf (Fire Born 2), which I have written, edited, done the second draft of and sent back to my editor for proofreading. It will be out in January 2022, and it has brilliant cover art (below). And I may now tell you that I have begun work on Fire Born 3, which has a working title of Loki’s Blade.

Anyway, enough boasting for today: you can buy a paperback or eBook copy, should you wish to, of The Last Berserker here, and you can pre-order The Saxon Wolf here.

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Alan Robert Burns
Alan Robert Burns
1 year ago

It was a great read very different to your normal novels. Looking forward to the new one

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